Is Jaw Reduction Without Surgery Possible?

Nowadays, jaw reduction is considered one of the best nonsurgical ways to enhance one’s appearance. As the jaw muscles are used through the years, they are strengthened. This eventually causes the jaw muscles to appear more square. As a result, it also creates a jawline that looks square.

While a square and strong jawline can be attractive in men, most women prefer the opposite. In other words, most would like to have a more oval and softer chin. This is one of the reasons jaw reduction has evolved into one of the most sought after treatments nowadays.

Causes of Square Jaw

Primarily, a square jaw can be attributed to the enlargement of the jaw muscle known as the masseter. The enlargement of the masseter muscles can be attributed to:

  • Constant and excessive chewing (this causes the muscles to expand)
  • Teeth clenching or bruxism

Muscle hypertrophy or the expansion of the masseter muscle can also be caused by exercise and can result in a square jaw. The good news? There is a jaw reduction method that can be used and it’s quick, simple, and nonsurgical.

Nonsurgical Jaw Reduction Procedure in a Nutshell

There is a way to effectively reduce the size of the jaw that is noninvasive and nonsurgical. Understandably, this procedure has revolutionized the aesthetic industry. Prior to the introduction of this treatment, those who wanted to soften their chin were required to undergo surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgical procedure requires a long recovery and might even produce results that are asymmetrical. One procedure used is simple, painless, and quick and it involves at least 2 to 3 injections of Botox into the masseter muscles found on either side of the face.

The procedure is very quick and will only last for 5 to 10 minutes. A few days after the procedure, Botox causes the muscles in the injected area to soften and weaken, reducing the jaw’s overall size as a result. The results can be very visible two weeks after the treatment. The results can last up to six months.

Benefits of Noninvasive Jaw Reduction

There are several great benefits of jaw reduction. Some of the most remarkable include:

  • Slimmer appearance of the face. The muscles in the face can appear slightly wider and heavy as they build up. However, Botox can make them smaller in just two weeks.
  • No surgery needed. If the enlarged jaw is caused by muscle build up, Botox can fix it effectively, no surgery required.
  • No recovery time required. This simple process won’t need any recovery or downtime.
  • Achieve a more feminine appearance. When the face muscles are softened and reduced, the jaw will look more feminine and less masculine.
  • Long-term results. While a couple of weeks is needed to see dramatic results, they can last for at least six months.


Good Candidates for the Procedure

Prior to undergoing noninvasive jaw reduction, it is crucial to establish what caused the fullness of the face. In other words, it would be assessed if the fullness is caused by fat or muscle.

During the consultation process, the specialist will estimate the size and strength of the jaw muscles before a treatment is recommended. Another great benefit of the procedure is the cheeks are highlighted more. This adds more contour and definition to the patient’s face.

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