The Best Flavours Of E-Liquid To Enhance Your Vaping Experience

When you are trying to quit smoking by using a cessation aid such as vaping, you will want to ensure that the vaping experience is pleasurable to ensure you stick with it. You can do this by selecting the best vaping device you prefer to use and choosing the best flavours of e-liquid, and there are many choices available. Below are some of the best-tasting flavours of e-liquids you may want to consider trying that can enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is a pleasurable one.

Ripebena By Ferocious E-Liquid

If you love the taste of Ribena and enjoy the taste of blackcurrants, you may want to try Ripebena by Ferocious E-Liquid. It is an e-liquid that is packed full of the delicious taste of blackcurrants, and the flavours will explode on your tongue. It is an e-liquid with a 70/30 ratio, so it is suitable for sub-ohm vaping. It is the best e-liquid UK Ribena lovers can use and will get your taste buds watering in anticipation.

Grape Ice By Fantasi

Another popular flavour with UK vapers is the Grape Ice e-liquid from Fantasi, which is packed full of taste and is refreshing to use, perfect for hot summer days. The e-liquid is a mixture of the delicious taste of grapes and includes Koolada to give it a refreshing cooling taste. It gives you a refreshing taste with a cool blast and is available in various nicotine strengths and sizes of bottles. It also has a 70/30 ratio, so you will need to use this e-liquid with a sub-ohm vaping device.

Blackjack By Ferocious E-Liquid

Another e-juice from Ferocious E-Liquids that is popular in the UK and can take you back to your childhood is Blackjack e-liquid. It is a delicious blend of aniseed and liquorice that will remind you of eating sweets as a child and take you back to yesteryear. It is a full-flavoured and rich e-liquid that many people love, and it is also suitable for sub-ohm vaping as it has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

Juicy Nerds From Rainbow Candy E-Liquid

Another flavour that can take you back to being a child again is the Nerds flavour from Rainbow Candy E-Liquid. You will get your tastebuds dancing when you try this delicious flavour vape juice, and it has a tangy taste mixed with sweetness. It is a flavour that is perfect for perking you up, and you can enjoy blowing massive plumes of vape smoke in your sub-ohm device due to its 70/30 ratio.

Tropical Menthol From Ferocious E-Liquid

The Tropical Menthol flavour from Ferocious E-Liquid is another flavour you may want to try and is highly popular with many vapers throughout the UK. It is a blend of tropical fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, oranges, and passion fruit, and it also has a twist with menthol. You get the sweet goodness of the tropical fruits combined with the cooling, refreshing taste of menthol, making it an excellent flavour for vaping in your sub-ohm vaping device. It will get your taste buds dancing with joy, and you can happily vape this flavour all day or all week!

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