Dental caries: Causes and Prevention

Teeth decay is a process in which teeth enamel is completely destroyed. Brushing and the right flossing has proven their value at any time and that is why it is strongly recommended to follow the right oral hygiene. So without much Adiu, let’s learn about these problems and teeth steps to prevent it from happening.

As mentioned before teeth damage is the destruction of tooth enamel. These dental problems can affect children, adolescents, and adults. All decay procedures begin with plaque, sticky bacterial film, which is constantly forming on our teeth. When we eat or drink high food or drinks on sugar, acid is produced by bacteria in plaque. These acids begin to attack teeth enamel which causes dental caries. Now because placards are sticky substances that make this acid come into contact with your teeth, and for a period of time the enamel starts to break.

The types of dental caries formed can be broken down into two main groups:

1. Pit and dental caries gaps:

This type of dental caries is found quite often on the surface of the gear which is located behind, and the back of the teeth is located in front. Our teeth are made of several parts of the enamel, and at the intersection of this section, holes and grooves are present. Now the pit and the flow of plaque traps that finally lead to the teeth decay. However, with the appropriate pit and fissure sealant application, pocket plastic material applied. It helps seal grooves and holes when teeth have erupted. Finally prevent this type of dental caries. Now after you sealant on your teeth, the opportunity to use the restoration (patch) on the surface of the teeth down to zilch.

2. Smooth surface dental caries:

This dental caries was found along the gumline. Other locations where they can be found are where two touches of teeth are called interproximal or space between teeth giving the shape of plaque in this area. The best way to get rid of fine surface caries is the use of the right dental thread. You can also use a manual toothbrush or power along the gumline that can prevent dental caries in the area too.

There are so many available options that can prevent caries. When you buy a toothbrush, check whether it has the right angulation and feathers that can help remove plaque. There are certain power brushes that are not expensive not effective in removing plaque. The best person to talk about all this is a hygiene tooth or your dentist. They will help you choose the best toothbrush that will be useful for removal of plaques.

When choosing a toothpaste, make sure you see if it is approved or not. This toothpaste contains fluoride which is the best way to prevent dental caries. Fluoride provides protective coatings that prevent acid attacks from plaque. But talk to your dental professionals and they will recommend some very good brands that work with miracles.

Dental caries cases have reduced many thanks to technological advancements in the medical field. Everyone suffers from a lifetime cavity and it is all because of erratic and unhealthy eating habits. But with a little vigilance such as visiting your dentist and making sure that you follow the right habit of teeth, you can certainly avoid such dental problems.

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