Ray tooth and your health

Understand Cons.
According to research, those who often exposed to Dental X-rays have double opportunities or three times the developing meningioma, a type of tumor that is not malignant. This has created a lot of speculation because many Americans increase visit and dental care involving gear x-rays. The use of bitewal x-rays that are often found to increase the risk of between 1.4 to 1.9 times than others. Bitewal x-rays are carried out to detect the severity of tooth decay and porous bones due to gum disease. The X-Rays panorex was found to make the most damage, and have more than five times the opportunity to cause meningioma in the future. X-rays should not be done in children under 10 years. Dentists do x-ray panorex to individuals to detect bone abnormalities, cysts, and infections in the teeth. They offer views of teeth, jaws and complicated nose areas.

The American Dental Association does not recommend the use of dental x-rays for children. Because X-rays are only needed for special diagnosis and dental care, adults are advised to take X-rays every two to three years and children every one to two years. Adults and children who are exposed to X-X-rays more than once every year at 2.7 to 3 times the increased risk of having meningioma.

Sometimes X-rays are very important in operation or dental care. They can reveal problems that are not easily visible through the naked eye. However, you can always ask your dentist why x-ray is recommended for your dental care. X-rays must be done only if there is clinical justification and important requirements for dental care. Ask if something can be done to eliminate the needs of X-ray. If treatment for your child’s dental care, get clarification why x-ray is very important. Children under 10 years rarely need x-rays. If your dentist still continues because the x-ray is finished, change the dentist.

It is important for everyone to get information and knowledgeable on the subject and prevent unwanted radiation exposure. Prioritizing patient security, dentists are updated with the latest technological advances and clearly recommended when and how x-rays must be done. However, it is also the task of each individual to identify any dental problems as early as possible so that it makes care easier for dentists.

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