Facts about health discus

The most popular worries about discus fish are related to their health because they know to be very sensitive to environmental conditions. It’s important for health discus that you recreate the life conditions used in the wild: soft water that is soft, a little sour. Of course farmers do all their power to protect the health of discs given the fact that they also need special temperature and pH. Therefore if you plan to buy discus fish, you must start preparing their tank a month before to make sure you ensure discus health.

There are many problems related to discus health, but I will especially refer to the environment, which seems to be the most common. For example, iodine deficiency can arise because of water pollutants or improper feeding. Then, another problem related to Diskus Health is a lack of vitamins in food, which in the long run can create a low immune system and less wound healing. Vitamin C is very important for discus health; Therefore make sure you save food correctly or at risk of losing this vitamin despite oxidation. The absence of this vitamin leads to bleeding, fin ulceration, and many other problems.

Many health problems disks arise because of ignorance or failure for farmers to provide the right conditions of life. Once you take fish breed, there are responsibilities involved with other animals; If you find yourself overwhelmed, you can always switch to special discus health services provided by the Veterinary Unit. Information and tips that you might find in books about health discs or on sites like are very reliable and make a very good start when it comes to taking care of discus health. The authors of these books are usually experienced farmers from whom you can learn a lot.

Health disc should not be a problem for someone who is quite careful to follow the basic rules. For example, the water cycle must be functional all the time and there is no waste or food that is not eaten must be abandoned in it. Health discus is threatened if excessive heating. Don’t go more than 31 degrees Celsius, because this will also reduce the oxygen level in the tank and cause your fish to suffer from oxygen hunger. Monitor your discus health regularly and check the condition of life every day or even a few times a day if possible so there is nothing wrong.

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